Top Restaurants In Irving Texas

Sandwiched between the Texan metropolises of Fort Worth and Dallas, Irving offers dining experiences that combines upscale fare with casual eats. This area has a number of restaurants on offer from award-winning Korean-infused burgers and sushi onto authentic Argentine food.

1. Empa Mundo

Since its opening in the year 2010, Empa Mundo, is a counter service and casual restaurant operated and owned by Raul Gordon, an Argentinian expat, has become one of the popular go-to dining destinations for locals and visitors in search of a tasty and quick empanada. The menu is concise and features 13 empanada options that range from the classical Latin American flavors such as criolla which is made up of ground beef, olives, onions, eggs and raisins and camote which is sweet potato onto American influenced recipes such as Texas brisket and cheesesteak. Diners are able to complete their meals with a choice of Argentine desserts such as alfajor which is a sweet treat cookie-like dessert made with coconut and dulce de leche sauce.

2. Andalous

This restaurant is owned by Wassim and Sam Merched, who are twin brothers that have specialized the way they cook from their mothers’ authentic and special recipes. Andalous offers flavorsome and classic Mediterranean cuisine. With a combination of traditional recipes along with a new and decadent twist, the menu at Andalous is brimming with a number of authentic dishes from Lebanon, Greece along with other Mediterranean influences such as spanakopita and fattoush which is a fluffy-pastry which is stuffed with a decadent creamed spinach filling. The service style of this restaurant also resembles a Mediterranean experience where the diners queue cafeteria-style, which allows guest to see the various recipes before they decide on a dish that appeals to them.

3. Cavalli

True to authentic pizza-making traditions associated with Naples in Italy, Cavalli has a cooking method that is highly popular with their pizzas made in 900-degree wood-fired ovens which has made this restaurant a number 1 spot in Irving for classic Neapolitan pizza pies. Owned by 1st generation Americans who went onto inherit their Italian parents’ passion for the perfect pizza, visitors and guests are always assured of tasty and genuine pizzas. Some of the classics include margheritas or diavola which is topped fresh jalapeno, homemade sausage, sweet-roasted peppers or a meat trio which includes sopressata spicy salami, bacon and ham. There are also a number of other smaller dishes and salads to choose from.